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Your timeshare closing experts! Our goal is to provide you with a professional, accurate, and prompt closing experience.

We recognize the importance in handling your transaction in a timely manner.

Stop paying maintenance fees and start using

that money to really travel!!

There should be no step in the vacation purchasing and transfer process that adds stress to your life. Using our services, we will ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Your timeshare transfer becomes our #1 Priority. Through superior customer service with consistent and timely results, our staff is your choice for prompt and accurate timeshare transfers.

Download Timeshare relief intake sheet with all costs except specified Timeshare transfer depending on which Timeshare you own. Costs for this ranges between $700-$2000 total. This is not our cost but what your timeshare charges to release your contract. We

get the lowest cost possible guaranteed!




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Services Provided 

  • Preparation of Deed and State Tax Forms (if applicable)

  • Delivery of Transfer Documents to Buyer and Seller for signature

  • Delivery of Deed to Clerk of Court for recording along with any required state or local document

  • Purchase Money Funds - We collect all the funds necessary to transfer ownership. That money is placed in an Escrow account and dispersed upon completion of transfer.

  • Acquisition of Estoppel Certificate - We will obtain a signed letter from resort management detailing critical unit information, outstanding costs, such as: maintenance fees, property taxes, special assessments and when the next use period is available.

  • Resort Notification of Transfer - The resort will be provided a copy of the recorded deed, along with any resort transfer fee (if applicable)/ this will enable the resort to update their system showing the buyer as the new owner.

  • Provide Settlement Statements These documents inform each party of the terms of the sale and their financial responsibilities.

  • Transfer Fees We collect transfer fees and pay them to the resort on your behalf as part of the transfer process.



* The above stated fees can be honored in most areas of the United States. If your property is located outside of the U.S., in New York City, or if other issues arise incurring unexpected expense, then additional costs may apply to the closing. We do not provide closing services on land managed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The transfer process normally takes 45 to 60 days, but can take longer. It depends on how quickly the parties execute and return the documents to our office, and on the work load and procedure of the county where the deed is being recorded and returned



Our cost for transferring and/or gettng you out of your timeshare is a flat rate plus the cost of transfer which depends on your timeshare.  I will be happy to give you an exact quote over the phone. Feel free to call Stacey Tonkin at 857-366-0194 

Download the forms you need right here!!

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