Travel club or time share?

 Theres many benefits to each and some downsides as well. Over all having a travel club is going to give more freedom and less financial responsibility than owning a timeshare. Let's compare.

Travel club

  • You decide the membership terms

  • Price is one time and substantially less than a timeshare.

  • There is a small yearly membership of $199 and does not increase for the life of your membership 

  • You can still stay in every timeshare worldwide without blackout dates

  • Customer service is 24/7

  •  You can also use services such as cruises hotels days vacation rentals and more without any additional fees as well as a price match guarantee for anything online


  •   Usually has a 10 or 20 year deed.

  •   Cost upwards of $10000 

  •   Usually can only stay in the specified time share bought or pay a transfer fee

  •  Has maintenance fees per year of $500 up which only increase with inflation

  •  Cannot use restaurant discounts or other public site discounts and has to pay a fee if you want to take a cruise

Overall using a travel club can give your family the same benefits at a better cost without the hassle or blackout dates. The membership can be passed down through generations and it will automatically be updated with all of the new hotels and unique places to go. Many of the travel clubs including will do customized plans per person.  Some of these plans even include exiting your time share if that is a need.  If you travel just a couple of weekends a year or have family that travels this is something that you should definitely look into! You owe it to yourself and your family to get the best deal possible!

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